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President and Chairwoman of Workforce Unlimited - with 10,000 employees.  Former City Commissioner of Mount Airy.  Lifelong Republican.  Click on the link to hear her audio endorsement of Deborah Cochran for North Carolina's next Lieutenant Governor.

Audio Endorsement

-Teresa D. Lewis

I met Ms. Cochran in my first year at John F. Kennedy High School in Winston-Salem, NC.  Ms. Cochran was welcoming and supportive since the beginning.  She has been a great collaborator and has demonstrated to be a caring and supportive teacher for her students as well. She has my support as I firmly believe her vast work experience makes her a strong  candidate for Lt. Governor!

-Maribel  (Business Owner)

When I think of Deborah Cochran, I think of a woman who is bold, beautiful and blessed! Deborah always had a smile on her face, and she was one of the teachers who inspired me to better myself personally and professionally.  To me, it is evident that she is a distinguished teacher. She has a great rapport with her current and former students, and she is highly qualified to be a Career Technical Educator.  Before I knew who she was to the people of Mount Airy, I thought she was veteran teacher who possessed a plethora of knowledge to help encourage students to better themselves. When I found out about her political career, I thought I was blessed to be working with a woman who enjoys serving others.  Deborah really does put others before her own needs. She is a capable leader who will continue to serve the citizens of NC no matter her career title.  I’m glad to be her friend wish her nothing but the absolute best with her future endeavors professionally and personally.  She truly is a blessing and I hope that others can get to know her the way I have

-Travis (Education)

I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah Cochran during the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school years.  She and I entered the world of Career Technical Education teaching through lateral entry. It is a challenging process; few individuals possess the grit to successfully complete the licensure requirements within the three-year window.  Ms. Cochran is an inspiration to all around her. She is dedicated, loyal and one of the kindest individuals I know.  Personally witnessing students and colleagues high level of admiration for Ms. Cochran’s hard work and perseverance in the public school classroom setting has been a wonderful experience.


Deborah Cochran is the perfect fit for North Carolina's next Lieutenant Governor.  I trust her to have our best interest at heart when she is voted into office next year.  She will proudly stand up for our public schools, students, teachers, parents and community supporters.

-Chef Sherry (Education)

I'm retired from the Department Of Transportation and I have known Deborah for over 40+ years. I don't know anyone who has more character and integrity than Deb. She is a strong woman of faith who walks the walk and I am honored to call her my friend. She will be an excellent Lieutenant Governor!!

-Robby (Business)

I have known Deborah Cochran for almost 20 years.  We have been colleagues as instructors at a community college, participated together in several community events, and have shared years of friendship.  She has always impressed me with her caring and compassion for others, her ability to get things done, her integrity and commitment to what is best for the community.

-Iara (Business)

Hey all my friends and fans in North Carolina -I am so happy to offer my support and endorsement for Deborah Cochran for Lieutenant Governor of my home state. She’s the former Mayor of Mt. Airy and City Commissioner of the best little hometown in the whole USA. She loves our country and the great state of North Carolina and I believe she would be a wonderful Lieutenant Governor. The Lt. Governor is appointed to the NC Board of Education and the NC Board of Community Colleges. Deborah obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business from Gardner-Webb University and a Teaching Licensure from NC State University. She was a part-time instructor at Surry Community College for 18 years, and she is currently a business teacher at JF Kennedy High School. Experience matters! Don’t forget to vote for my friend Debbie. Thank you so much! Love to all of you, 

-Donna Fargo (Singer-Songwriter)

Let's talk politics !!

I got a call a few years back from a very close friend of mine saying she was gonna run for Mayor of Mt. Airy NC. I begged her not to because I knew that she was a very popular lady here in the city. I knew that "friends" of hers would be pulling her in a thousand directions on issues and that she would lose a lot of them. Most people only like you when they are getting something from you.
Fast forward to this past year and the same lady called me and told me she was fixing to give me another reason to fuss at her. "I'm gonna run for Lt. Governor of NC". After a brief hesitation, she said, "Go on and fuss at me". I said absolutely not. On a state level, I can't think of one person I'd rather have representing me and my family, than you. She thought she had called the wrong number. lol
I've known Deborah Cochran for forty years now. I've watched her life and the way she conducts herself. Let me tell you just a few very critical things that I know about "Debbie". First and foremost, she is a devout, God fearing, born again Christian woman. She has a faith that isn't touchable by anyone. She wouldn't give it up for any amount of money. Debbie experienced a traumatic brain hemorrhage in the late 1990's. When told by the doctor that there was a 95 % chance that it would require surgery, Debbie responded enthusiastically, "That means I have a 5% chance of not having to have surgery". She didn't. Next, She took the Mayor position because she, as we all did, watched a major company (Gildan) buy out Surry counties largest employer, at that time, Kentucky Derby Hosiery(KDH) AND THOUSANDS lost their jobs including her brother who had been employed there for many years. She sought diligently for new companies for this area. She represented Mt. Airy well. She is well educated and a teacher in the Forsyth County schools. Next, she is a proud gun owner and a firm believer in our valued 2nd amendment right to bear arms. She is also pro life, which should be close to all of our hearts.
I also know that Deborah Cochran is one of the most giving people on this planet. She gives her time, knowledge and money to local charities. She has always been there for people in need and done without herself, to help other people.
So for over 40 years I've watched this lady's life. For over 40 years, she has remained steadfast in her faith, her work, her community and her beliefs. I know that when she gets to Raleigh, she will keep her values, morals and ethics that we all know her by here in Mt. Airy. She will NOT cave in to lobbyist and large companies. She will look out after what is best for our families as a whole.
If you are undecided as to who you will cast a vote for in the March 3rd primaries, I ask that you consider my friend, your friend, all of our friend, Deborah Cochran for Lt. Governor of the great state of North Carolina.
This is my own private endorsement of Deborah Cochran for Lt. Governor of North Carolina. I am in no way affiliated with Miss Cochran's campaign.

-Mike Upchurch  (Business)

Endorse Deborah Cochran

If you are interested in endorsing Deb for NC's next Lieutenant Governor, please submit your comments below. Please include your employment type, if any.  Thank you in advance.

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