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As a native of North Carolina, Cochran is passionate about the health and protection of its citizens and communities.  North Carolina is one of the top five migration states.  People desire to live, work, rear families, and retire in this great state.  The low corporate income tax rate entices business owners to locate to NC as well.

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It is my goal to listen to the citizens of North Carolina with an open mind and heart.  Sometimes it is difficult to hear people's needs, because of all the noise.  I want you to know, I hear you.  I want to be the VOICE for ALL of NC.  I have your best interest at heart in all I do.  This election is not about me.  It is about YOU.  I have created a page for teachers and plan to add others in the near future.  I want to give our citizens an opportunity to engage on this site.  It is impossible to meet every North Carolinian in the state, but there is no reason, with today's technology, I cannot create a space for your voice.  It would be an honor to serve you over the next several years.  I hope you will give me that opportunity.  


My VISION is simple. 


To serve the People of North Carolina with Purpose and Passion.   

People - We have more similarities than differences, even if we do not agree on how to accomplish a task.  The task doesn't change, right? We must stop viewing people as groups and address them as individuals.  When we can do that, we are on our way.  May God help us in this endeavor.

Purpose - What is it that you love about North Carolina?  I love that people want to live here.  That says a great deal about our state.  When we approach life with a purpose to help others and live life to bring our creator glory, we cannot fail.  Denying ourselves for the greater good will always allow us to focus on the needs of others and not our personal desires.  My worldview is Christian principles.


Passion - God created me with a passion for people.  I try to see the good in everyone.  Intuitively, each of us possess gifts and talents that make us who we are.  Those characteristics when aligned with the right people and purpose, will create a passion that will not go unnoticed. 


My life has changed drastically since I was a child.  I grew up economically disadvantaged.  My father was paralyzed and my mother was a factory worker up until the mill closed.  God allowed my struggle so that I might share it someday, I am certain!  I am who I am because of my background.  Being exceptionally poor can sometimes cloud our judgement. 


Values mean everything.  When people sacrifice their values for money, power, or fame, they sometimes lose sight of their purpose.  I never want to forget my struggles, my successes, or my lifelong experiences.  I believe in...


  • God

  • Hard work

  • Education

  • Giving

  • Sharing

  • Caring 

  • Fairness

  • Honesty

  • Serving

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Deborah Cochran